• Henry Michaelsen

    Founder & Managing Director

    Head of TV & Radio Department
    Phone + 45 31 41 21 60

    When Henry was 12 years old, he knew it was sound he wanted to work with. But his parents thought, that audio work was not a proper way of earning a living, so he began an education as metal worker. However, upon graduation as metal worker, he squeezed his way into the audio post production business, and have remained there ever since. 


    Starting in an early age, Henry is one of the most experienced sound editors in the danish audio and television industry with thousands of television and live programs behind him. He is the founder, and anchorman of GiLyd, and has succeeded in creating a space within the company where challenges from the clients and continual professional development of the employees goes hand in hand.


    Although work always comes first, he has made a decision that there should be time to workout several times a week, “Because if you are not fit, it becomes more than a challenge to stand 10 hours with a boom pole, getting 200 questions a day, and have hour-long meetings, so it's essential to be fit."


    He is pleased, when he hears a good, warm dialogue. And it's probably also why sound has been his work and hobby the past 30 years.

  • Henrik Gugge Garnov

    Senior Sound Designer & Managing Director

    Head of Film & Documentary Department
    Phone + 45 31 41 21 61

    When it comes to designing sound for motion pictures, Gugge is by far the most experienced sound editor in Denmark. He began his career after graduating from The Danish Film School in 1987, and has since been involved in more than 100 feature films and numerous documentaries for cinema and television.


    His name is Henrik, but everybody calls him Gugge. He is continuously researching the world of audio and exploring how to develop good storytelling through audio in audiovisual content.  


    Being an independent since his graduation, he now enjoys being MD and partner in GiLyd, and is excited about gaining new perspectives from his colleagues, and passing on his own experiences, and discoveries to all the employees and trainees in GiLyd.


    When he's not sitting firmly planted in the studio with thoughts of sound, he runs or walks in the woods with his running club. As he says, “It's nice to run together with others, so there is somebody that actually listens to my anecdotes from a lifelong involvement as sound editor in the movie business.

  • Linda Hornbøll

    Coordinator Daily Operations

    Phone 45 + 31 41 21 66

    Linda is GiLyds Chief Executive. She is preparing quotes, coordinating projects and making sure her “audio slaves” steps away from the monitors to take a break once in a while. Her work experience reaches long and far, and includes being an assistant producer and post coordinator in several television and film productions.


    Although the sound trade is dominated by testosterone, it is the branch where Linda thrives best. She loves the daily life in GiLyd with lots of sounds, music and dialogue. She is pleased that GiLyd consists of so many different personalities, and that there is space for both very experienced and the less experienced audio engineers: It creates great team dynamics.


    When Linda is not in GiLyd, you can find her on a handball court, where she has spend a big part of her life. At the moment she is playing handball1-2 times a week. 


    She loves the sound of Billy Idol and hate the sound of broken dishwashers.

  • Hamid Hagh

    Audio engineer & Technical Operations Manager

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 63

    Hamid is an experienced post-sound engineer working with film and television productions. He primarily field is sound design and mix. In addition, he is responsible for securing the workflow and maintaining equipment in GiLyd.


    He considers the job to be the best job in the world. He is very inspired by international productions, where bigger budgets are at stake.


    When Hamid isn't situated behind a mixing console in a dark studio, he prefer to stay in his summer residence. He enjoys spending time in the nature together with his family. Any spare time is spend back in the studio working more hours to optimise the final details in one of his many productions.

  • Martin Lind

    Audio engineer

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 77

    Martin is a graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, where he received tuition in music production, classical recording, and classical instrumentation.


    He has been working as dubbing engineer and dubbing director for more than a decade before starting at GiLyd where his primary task is mixing TV.


    He is happy to work in a company with lots of room for new ideas when it comes to working with sound. He spends his spare time with even more sound and music. 

  • Kim Dalum

    Audio engineer

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 76

    Kim graduated from the Danish Film School in 1995, and has been working as a freelance sound engineer before starting at GiLyd. He is working as a location sound recording engineer and mix engineer as well.


    He prefers working with film and television drama, as it provides a unique opportunity to work with storytelling, and greatly appreciates all of his colleagues from GiLyd where there is a good atmosphere and strong sense of unity.


    He is often inspired by seeing other people's productions and admits that he probably drinks a too much coffee while working.


    In his sparetime he likes to play bass in his blues rock band, and has been doing so most of his life.

  • Mikkel Furbo

    Audio engineer

    phone + 45 31 41 21 62

    Mikkel is doing both location sound recordings and mixing. He has graduated from The Film College in Ebeltoft and been a trainee of GiLyd, and since employed as sound editor.


    He is always glad to develop his technical skills and greatly appreciates the versatile workdays at GiLyd. It is also why a life with sound and film suits him perfectly. There is no day alike.


    He loves the sound of the M1 Garand rifle when the empty clip automatically ejects with an audible "ping" in " Saving Private Ryan " and is not fond of eating noises of other people.


    In his childhood Mikkel was into science and space research, but the love for film and music won his heart and today there is little room for anything else.

  • Jacob Langkjær Davidsen

    Audio engineer

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 69

    After three years as a trainee, Jacob is now an Audio engineer in GiLyd dealing with both location recordings and mixing.


    Before he started on GiLyd, he went to Copenhagen Technical School as Film and Television Technician where he completed the basic course.


    It is the love of sound, which drives Jacobs enthusiasm. He is particularly pleased that working  with sound is a continuous process that never stops. The sound of a crystal clear dialogue from a boom pole makes him very happy.


    In the beginning, Jacob dreamed about playing music, touring and making records, but soon realised that he preferred the other side of the mixer. He gets his inspiration from others in GiLyd and looks at his own productions on television to evaluate his efforts.

  • Morten Borgholm

    Second year trainee

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 75

    Since Morten was a child, he dreamed of working with sound. But as a boy, he didn’t think there was any real work in producing sound for movies and TV. He imagined that you took a microphone, and then it all went straight to cinema. 


    Only when looking at all the extra material on his dvd’s he realised, it is a big industry with many job opportunities.


    According to Morten, the great challenge is to create a mix that sounds good on consumer grade systems e.g. flat screens  within the time frame allocated to the various projects.


    When Morten is not making sound, he reads books. He reads everything from comics to the divine comedy of the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri.

  • Frej Volander Himmelstrup

    First year trainee

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 64

    Like everybody else in GiLyd , Frej has never been in doubt about his direction in life: Sound! In spite of his 19-years, Frey is already seasoned when it comes to working with sound.


    When he was 14 years old, he had hid first job making an audio keynote presentation. He introduced the Sampler and its opportunities for his peers. He made recordings of their their voices and demonstrated how to manipulate them in the sampler.


    After elementary school, he began studying sound at an independent boarding school for upper secondary students and became an assistant teacher due to his dedication and skills.



    Before Frey started at GiLyd, he was working as sound engineer and DJ on different venues in Copenhagen. He is not into sports but is an avid skateboarder and has driven go-karts for seven years.


    His big hobby is music and he is building and modifying stomp boxes  and is performing live at a regular basis.

  • Anders Norddal Jendresen

    Second year trainee

    Phone + 45 31 41 21 68

    Anders has been interested in sound and music for a long time. His father, who is a musician, introduced him to the world of sound and music.


    He started playing the piano when he was twelve, but soon switched to guitar and began playing in the band. He loves all kinds of metal music.


    When Anders was seventeen years, he persuaded his mother to finance a recording studio in his parents' basement. There he started recording various bands, and the basement years helped paving the way to become a trainee in Gilyd.


    Anders has many other interests including computer and technology related stuff and have been a gameplay tester on the computer game Limbo and the Hitman: Absolution (2012).