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    GiLyd is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark and is one of the largest independent audio post-production facilities in Scandinavia. 

    We believe in providing our clients with personal service and work of the highest quality at competitive prices.

    We pledge to go the extra mile every time and do everything in our power to get the results our clients expect.

    Whether you need a simple file conversion or complete post-production services including location sound recordings to final mix, we are here for you.

    We have 7 edit suites, an ADR room combined with a foley stage, one dubbing studio, a 7.1 mix cinema and finally we can prepare for 64 channel Dolby Atmos, prior to entering other premises in order to finalize The Dolby Atmos mix.

    Sound Design –  for all types of media.

    Sound Editing – Cleaning sound, smooth it out, find the right sounds, prep for mix...

    Sound Mixing – Mixing from mono to 5.1. Film and Television, Radio spots, TV-promos, Feature Films…

    In-Studio Recording – Our large “booth” can accommodate multiple talents with plenty of elbow room left over!

    Location Sound Recording – The first step in getting a great sounding mix is to get great sounding sources!

    Feel free to browse around and contact us here.  

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  • The Look of Silence

    Here at GiLyd we're proud to have been part of making Joshua Oppenheimer’s “the look of silence”, the follow-up to the 2012 documentary “The Act of Killing”. The film documents the life of Adi, whose oldest brother was brutally murdered during the the 1965 Suharto coup. Adi is one of the many family members who to this day still live in the villages where the killing of their loved ones ...

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    Oscar-Winning Short &quote;Helium&quote;

    After going through the process of producing the sound from start to end, we’re so thrilled to se that the short film Helium has won an Oscar for best short film. Alfred is a young boy staying in a hospital who suffers from an undisclosed terminal illness. Enzo, a janitor at the hospital, meets Alfred while working and the two develop a friendship. Enzo tells Alfred of Helium, an attractive ...

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    The Act of Killing

    In The Act of Killing, directed by Joshua Oppenheimer and executive produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, the filmmakers expose a corrupt regime that celebrates death squad leaders as heroes. When the Indonesian government was overthrown in 1965, small-time gangster Anwar Congo and his friends went from selling movie tickets on the black market to leading death squads in the mass murder of ...

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    Freak Out! The Alternative Movement Begins

    Freak Out! - The Alternative Movement Begins by Carl Javér  Long-haired barefoot people. Free love! Veganism! Experiments with drugs... The sixties, right? Not quite. In the year 1900 a group of middle class kids revolted against their time and started the original alternative community - Monte Verità, the mountain of truth. A community based on veganism, feminism, pacifism and free love. ...

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